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Questions to Ask before Commencing Day Trading

Posted By On 4/08/2009 11:00:00 PM Under

1. Befoe commencing on to the path of making money from day trading answer a few questions to yourself to be convinced that one is ready for the same to make money from stock market rather than making losses from it.
1. Ask yourself that if one is adeqautely capitalised and is not trading on borrowed money.
2. Do I understand the money risk management. I can afford to lose X amount of money.
3. Have I aquired enough knowledge and understand the stock market jargon.
4. A critical question to answer to yourself is to ask the reason that why day trading is being executed.
5. Do I have a primary job and is not solely not dependent on day trading income.

Remember if the answer to all above queries is positive than jump in market and go ahead with day trading.
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